David Baer from Minnesota: Tiger Woods News on Payne’s Valley

David Baer from Minnesota: Tiger Woods’ First Public Golf Course

Golf, to this date, is still a misunderstood sport, a pastime thought to be only for the rich and wealthy. But all that might change sooner rather than later, especially once Tiger Woods’ first public golf course is complete. I’m David Baer and I’m from Minnesota. As a regular college student, I find that golf suits my need to be around nature every now and then.

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Public Golf Course

Tiger Woods was a big influence on why I picked up golf in the first place. I remember flipping through the sports section of the newspaper when I was a kid and I’d read up on him and the unbelievable strokes he pulled off. Then his scandal happened and he took an indefinite break from golf. I was shocked but I stuck with the sport because I genuinely enjoy it. I’m excited to hear that Tiger Woods is making good on his promise to build a golf course that everyone can play. I believe this can help set the record straight that golf can be appreciated by everyone, no matter their income bracket.

The golf course is situated at Big Cedar Lodge in Ridgedale, Missouri. With the majestic Ozark Mountains serving as backdrop, Payne’s Valley will only have three-and-a-half holes grassed. That leaves all the others brown due to the presence of natural and indigenous rocks. Looks-wise, Payne’s Valley could be better, but that doesn’t take away any of the fun this golf course offers. Tiger Woods shared that the bunkers at Payne’s Valley will be eye-catching and its defining look.

I’ll be keeping tabs on Payne’s Valley. This isn’t the first project of Tiger Woods. His golf course design firm has had some misses, with the ill-fated The Al Ruwaya Golf Course in Dubai, The Cliffs at High Carolina, and the golf course at Punta Brava, Mexico.

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David Baer, Minnesota