David Baer from Minnesota: How to Play Tennis

 David Baer from Minnesota: Playing Tennis

Hi, I’m David Baer and I’m from Minnesota. Aside from being a huge Minnesota Vikings fan, I also love tennis. Compared to the physical action in football, you could say that tennis is tame. But make no mistake; tennis requires so much mental toughness. One small mistake or miscalculation of your opponent can cost you the match!

Tennis 101

In a nutshell, tennis involves two opposing players in a singles match, or four players of two teams in a doubles match. The game starts by serving the tennis ball to the other side. The player on the other side must return the ball back and vice versa. When the ball goes out of play or hits the net, a point is gained. Remember what I said about mental toughness? This is where it comes into play. Often, it’s not enough that you’re able to receive the ball and return it to the other side. Sometimes you have to play in such a way that you force the other player to commit errors so you get the points. This is what I mean about tennis being a mental game as well.

Aside from mental toughness, tennis also requires excellent footwork and technique. This is why athletes typically start training at an early age. After some time, the movement or strokes they do in the game almost become automatic for them. Compared to the average person, professional athletes considerably take less time to move and react. It’s all so fascinating to watch!

One of the greatest athletes of our generation is Roger Federer. At the young age of 14, he was already a champion! Roger Federer started training at 10 years old. Of course, his natural talent helped him become a champion, but talent without training can only get you so far in the world of competitive sports.

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In my next blog posts, I’ll delve more into the sport.

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David Baer, Minnesota