Best Books of 2018 by David Baer Minnesota

 Books of 2018: My Top 5 Picks by David Baer of Minnesota

David Baer of Minnesota is an avid reader who likes nothing more than to spend weekends relaxing in his favorite chair and reading a good book. But these have been few and far between because of his busy schedule. He does, however, make a list of must-read books that he wishes to read each year.

With that said, David Baer of Minnesota shares below the five books on this year’s list. Some of these has already read; others are still waiting to picked up from the shelf.

1. The Wisdom of Wolves

“The Wisdom of Wolves: Lessons from the Sawtooth Pack” by husband-and-wife team Jim and Jamie Dutcher. The book is inspired by the couple’s personal experiences and observations of the Sawtooth pack; a pack of wolves that lived close by in Idaho for a couple of years. In their observations, they discovered that wolves are nothing like the “bad guys” that some depict them to be. They were all about family, caring for one another, and sometimes taking a step back to let another wolf shine. Yes, that’s how it came across to the couple, and David Baer of Minnesota developed the same sentiment as he was reading the book.

2. The Opposite of Hate

Written by former Fox News and current CNN commentator Sally Kohn, “The Opposite of Hate: A Field Guide to Repairing Our Humanity” was inspired by the author’s experience grappling with anger as she navigates the world of “neutral” journalism and opposing views. Bothered by the anger growing inside her, she began her search for understanding the reasons behind why people do what they do or react the way they do in the face of opposing views, disagreeable situations, and such. For David Baer of Minnesota, this was an eye-opener as he himself begins to understand the deeper meaning behind prejudices and, as mentioned, why people do what they do.

3. A Terrible Country

Written by Russian-born Keith Gessen, “A Terrible Country” depicts life in Russia under Putin (circa 2008). The author draws from his personal experiences living in Russia to give readers a firsthand account of what it’s like to live in Russia at a time when the U.S. was at the brink of economic collapse and the leftists were rallying against Russian politics. This was all happening while the author was dealing with personal problems: studies he left in New York to go back to Russia to care for his ailing grandmother (who, the novel points out, still lives in the apartment Stalin gave her), dwindling finances, a girlfriend in New York who is ignoring him, and the beautiful young activist he befriends, Yulia.

These are three of the five books on his list that David Baer of Minnesota has already read. The other two are:

4. Silicon States

Written by Lucie Green. The tagline explains the book: “The Power and Politics Of Big Tech And What It Means For Our Future”

5. American Like Me

A collection of essays by American actress America Ferrera, “American Like Me,” talks about growing up in America as an immigrant; torn between two places and two cultures.


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